Unified Pentagon Theory

By AllA Erawa Viacad

Pentagon Pre-Collapse

Subject: Pentagon Hit by Commuter Jet looking Cruise Missile with Hologram Projected Over Missile by the C130

Facade impact anomalies demand explanation and so do witness testimony of 757 flying into Pentagon.

See this video http://www.freedomunderground.org/memoryhole/pentagon.php and perhaps a google search for pentagon impact photos for proof that a 757 did not hit the pentagon.

According to the official story; a fuselage of a plane built of layers of paper thin (2 mm) aluminum stamped into ridges for structural support punched through at least 6 steal reinforced walls (3 for each ring, see impact punch hole) and probably a hella lot more columns. Clearly the wings would either punch through the wall or break and remain outside. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT, THE 757 PARTS EITHER MAKE IT THROUGH THE WALL OR THEY DON'T. AND LOOKING AT THE WALL BEFORE IT'S COLLAPSE, IT IS CLEAR THAT IT DIDN'T MAKE IT THROUGH. Thus we are either to assume, that the wings and engines folded into the hole made by the fuselage, that the fire went instantly above the melting point of the Aluminum-Titanium airplane alloy around 3000 degrees centigrade(which is impossible, given that the fire is in Earths atmosphere), or we accept the logical conclusion that it was not a 757 that impacted the pentagon.

Enough witnesses saw a 757 hit the pentagon including a friend of mine, that it is safe to conclude that it appeared to humans that a 757 hit the pentagon. However the sounds that are reported are that of a missile flying by, and the explosion of an deafening bang (like that set of by explosives and not slow burning fuel) and multiple witnesses even reported smelled Cordite.

"We saw a huge black cloud of smoke," she said, saying it smelled like cordite, or gun smoke. - Gilah Goldsmith

Even before stepping outside I could smell the cordite. Then I knew explosives had been set off somewhere. -Don Perkal

Now let us suppose for a second that instead of being a 757 that rammed into the pentagon, there was a specialized horizontal "building bluster" cruise missile painted like a American Airlines commuter jet similar to reports of people a greater distance away from the pentagon from the people who saw a 757.

Steve Patterson -- watched from 14th-floor apartment in Pentagon City
... it appeared to him that a commuter jet swooped over Arlington National Cemetery and headed for the Pentagon ...

Don Wright -- watched from the 12th floor, 1600 Wilson Boulevard, in Roselyn
I watched this ...it looked like a commuter plane, two engine ... come down from the south real low ...

Missile or Plane that hit the Pentagon

This explanation can cover all the facts (non witness testimony) involved in the entire Pentagon impact. This specialized missile was programmed on a precise course to be followed out according to its GPS. Inherent in this flight plan was the collision with a couple of light posts and a sign to give material merit to the 757 impact of the pentagon, but this missile is large enough and has reinforced wings to clip these things successfully. The Missile then deployed its primary weapon component into the primary hole that is identified, using the detonation of the greater mass of the missile (creating the image created in the 5 frames, the explosion seen by witnesses and causing the fire damage) to propelling the rocket propelled primary building buster component deeper into the building (This component has a theoretically possible inherent spin, frontal drill rotor, and/or heated knife front to help it penetrate through 6 walls and many columns), enabling the building busting component of the cruise missile system to drive horizontally in a downward parabolic decent according to the force of gravity, until the rocket propelled component hit the ground pointing downward, just before it broke through C ring. The original cruise missile after deploying could have been built of a carbon fiber or other flammable material to allow for its destruction in the explosion. Perhaps one of the only components which had to be made out of metal was the jet turbine component found outside the pentagon.

The rocket propulsion of the building buster component was still firing as it shot through the last wall that it had sufficient kinetic energy to break through. The scoring directly above this punch-out is evidence that this rocket was facing downwards with its exhaust pouring upwards. The component of this exhaust force in the vertical direction created enough frictional force to slow the device enough so that the exterior wall of D ring could stop it. Consequently there are no pictures of what broke through the punch out, the only pictures that reach the public have been facing the punch out.

However there is immense witness testimony to the contrary to this theory, as they primarily saw a 757 running into the Pentagon. (people that saw helicopters and @#%$, are probably lying to confuse the story even more and discredit commuter jet sightings by simply existing along side of them, thus the majority 757 theory holds above all others. People who saw explosives go off inside could be seeing the rocket and effects of the primary building buster component, or perhaps there were also supplemental explosives inside[but it is doubtful as there is no need for it and provides a risk of getting out].) Is this witness evidence truly contradictory to all conspiracy theories or is there another component of the theory which we have been overlooking.

Penny Elgas --
The plane seemed to be floating as if it were a paper glider and I watched in horror as it gently rocked and slowly glided straight into the Pentagon. At the point where the fuselage hit the wall, it seemed to simply melt into the building. I saw a smoke ring surround the fuselage as it made contact with the wall. It appeared as a smoke ring that encircled the fuselage at the point of contact and it seemed to be several feet thick. I later realized that it was probably the rubble of churning bits of the plane and concrete. The churning smoke ring started at the top of the fuselage and simultaneously wrapped down both the right and left sides of the fuselage to the underside, where the coiling rings crossed over each other and then coiled back up to the top. Then it started over again -- only this next time, I also saw fire, glowing fire in the smoke ring. At that point, the wings disappeared into the Pentagon. And then I saw an explosion and watched the tail of the plane slip into the building.

This report seems to be most descriptive and also the most typical of witnesses close to the event. Other reports cite descriptive details of the plane and silhouette of people in the windows. Almost all reports describe how the Plane disappears into the Pentagon as a fireball simultaneously emerges. Claims that it rolled into the pentagon are claims to help explain the anomalous integrity of the faade after impact, and can be discounted because they are of a very small minority and can have no bearing in realty because planes cannot do cartwheels. Also some claim that the planes bottom hit the ground as it slid into the pentagon.

For more witness testimony go to http://911research.wtc7.net/pentagon/evidence/witnesses/crash.html

Hole in Pentagon

First of all the lawn was perfectly unmarred which negates the possibility of any physical contact of a plane with the ground. Second the wings and tails cannot disappear into the pentagon because the pentagon is solid,,, unless the wings and tail are not solid ;-) but a holographic projection overlaid over the cruise missile painted like an American Airlines commuter jet. This projection could easily be acquired and painted upon the nice shiny chrome top of the cruise missile with a visual pattern recognition system, and radial distance determination could be acquired bouncing timed laser pulses of the same shiny top. Thus the projector can acertain exactly where to project the dynamic 3 dimensional image of the Boeing 757 complete with silhouettes and all. If it is just a projection then the weird smoke rings are just a programmed effect of the holographic projection as the 757 passes into the Pentagon. The programmer of this little Hollywood effect obviously doesnt have any working knowledge of aerodynamics or the physics of matter at all for that matter. It appeared as a smoke ring that encircled the fuselage at the point of contact and it seemed to be several feet thick. The churning smoke ring started at the top of the fuselage and simultaneously wrapped down both the right and left sides of the fuselage to the underside, where the coiling rings crossed over each other and then coiled back up to the top. The rings are smoke particles suspended in air, if the air moves the smoke moves with it, thus the smoke will run in aerodynamic contrails which cannot by definition overlap as that would represent 2 air flows traveling in opposite directions at the exact same point, which is down right impossible (unless of course it is just smoke and mirrors:)

If the projection system failed entirely one would see only the commuter jet cruise missile, which would make ironing the story over easier if the holographic system did not work or did not work on a few. A contingency official story was probably prepared in case the commuter jet like thing was seen flown into the pentagon in which case terrorists would probably be blamed for purchasing and operating their own private jet packed with explosives that flew under the radar in the confusion of 911, and the 911 commission would also make suitably different explanations to describe the even grosser defense deficiencies. As only very few witness saw a commuter jet at all, the normal story goes and those few witness are merely pressured to admit what everybody else saw or simply considered wrong on that point.

Of course for this theory to be valid the military would have to be working on this holographic technology long enough to have mastered large and complex 3-D images which could be represented digitally.

"When Seeing and Hearing Isn't Believing
What if the U.S. projected a holographic image of Allah floating over Baghdad urging the Iraqi people and Army to rise up against Saddam, a senior Air Force officer asked in 1990?
According to a military physicist given the task of looking into the hologram idea, the feasibility had been established of projecting large, three-dimensional objects that appeared to float in the air.
The Gulf War hologram story might be dismissed were it not the case that washingtonpost.com has learned that a super secret program was established in 1994 to pursue the very technology for PSYOPS application. The "Holographic Projector" is described in a classified Air Force document as a system to "project information power from space ... for special operations deception missions." -Washington Post (02/01/99) http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/dotmil/arkin020199.htm

That being satisfied there would also have to be a suitable location to deploy the projector system where it would be in line of sight of with all potential witnesses. Considering that many witness would be in relatively closed spaces, like the friend of mine who only was able to see the plane by looking up from his yard which was enclosed by fences and trees, the projector had to be mounted aerially, say for instance in a military C130 cargo jet.

John O'Keefe --
The eeriest thing about it, was that it was like you were watching a movie. There was no huge explosion, no huge rumbling on ground, it just went pfff. It wasnt what I would have expected for a plane that was not much more than a football field away from me. The first thing I did was pull over onto the shoulder, and when I got out of the car I saw another plane flying over my head, and it scared ...me, because I knew there had been two planes that hit the World Trade Center. And I started jogging up the ramp to get as far away as possible. Then the plane -- it looked like a C-130 cargo plane -- started turning away from the Pentagon, it did a complete turnaround. There was nothing to see but black. The whole side of Washington Boulevard was black and on fire.

Video cameras could not see these holographic projections, unless they were specially calibrated to gloss over periodic refreshes of the holographic image like our visual cortex does. This problem would arises most likely because the projector pixels are refreshed in a similar manner as a TV or a computer monitor. If screens are filmed by a conventional camera the pixel refreshes can show up on individual frames giving screens that weird downward moving flashiness which could exhibit itself in a hologram if it were being filmed. Maybe this is why the Sheraton Employees were so horrified, they saw a C130 flying over and a holographic projection over a smaller plane. But they were made so scared by the FBI that soon arrived to illegally confiscate the evidence they didnt make any further statements than their horror. The 5 frames that were released were obviously doctored (and in a manner so poor even I could have done better, on one frame all they did was raise the brightness for the entire image) and the projection and plane were blurred together as one and perhaps was blurred with the contrail in frame 4 as well. Clearly these 5 frames are of no evidence as they are not only of horrendous visual quality, but are obviously doctored to high heaven.

One might be inclined to ask why the government deployed 2 tactical systems which could have failed revealing the true conspiracy. The risk of a catastrophic failure is actually extremely small given that contingency stories are prepared and proper law enforcement officials are in place to remove all evidence and help witnesses, witness the right things. The only real problem that could arise is if the cruise missile hit off target and it which would make it even clearer that there was no Aluminum wreckage, however this is excruciatingly unlikely given the level of precision of this most recent device, and current infinitesimal probability of failure. The media machine could also smooth this over with the same basic lies and lack of truth that were presented to the gullible masses (me included :( ). The holographic system in conjunction with the painted cruise missile was almost assuredly repeatedly tested at a secure military facility which have large reserved air space, like area 51. Thus operating failure could be placed well below a acceptable risk level.

Here are some reasons why flight 77, or different flight, did not hit the pentagon
1. Three military systems could undergo the ultimate field testing on a civilian population in a real world scenario. These systems include but are not limited to a.) dynamic aerial holographic projection system [perhaps there are more plans for this system in the future, perhaps to help get the Patriot Act II passed], b.) building buster cruise missile, and c.) Pentagons top secret reinforced construction installed during the renovations of that wedge.
2. Desired military personnel assigned to be working within that sector of the Pentagon could be eliminated without risk, and may not have died if a normal plane hit the pentagon as only the first ring would be severely damaged.
3. Other Desired people who were aboard flight 77 and landed at a military facility could either be eliminated without risk or go underground into a clandestine program, or above ground to attain new identities and work new positions. Or perhaps they were given the choice between: join program ________, or die.
4. Given numerous contradictory reports conspiracy theorists would struggle for many years (just above 3 until I posted this on 10/22/04) to explain the pentagon impacts in a coherent manner. This would take away from efforts used to expose the even grosser deficiencies in the WTC portion of the attack. During this time conspiracy theorists were divided and coming up with superfluous explanations that can be exposed by mainstream media to discredit the dissident community as a whole and prevent would be skeptics from entering into a school of 911 though divergent from the official story.
5. There could have been an automated Pentagon Defense System that may have been able to shoot down the plane with a SAM missile before it hit, which could not have been deactivating without drawing too much attention and involving too many low ranking officials and technicians who would be prone to leak. As it is the soldiers who would have been involved in running and maintaining the system are simply are led to believe that the system failed because the plane flew under the radar, which it did.

Dynamic holographic projection to a variable location:

On the projector there is a most likely an LED like that in an LED projector which displays an interference pattern which a dispersed laser split from the laser source passes through to create an electromagnetic disruption which the other portion of the split laser is dispersed onto from a different angle at the point where the image is created. The conical electromagnetic anomaly from the interference pattern overlaps the uniform conical electromagnetic waveform from the other portion of the laser source. Within this intersected volume an illusion is created based on whatever was analogy encoded into the interference pattern. The interference pattern is a 2-D image of a waveforms whose interactions among themselves determine the virtual 3rd dimension. In order for this image to be dynamic the LED projector must have pixel refreshes, which would disrupt the image at each refresh interval. I am not sure how this would affect video camera capture. Also cameras and people which are not within line of sight of either of the dispersed laser sources do not see the holographic image. No witness that I am aware of who saw flight 77 as smaller plane saw the C130 at that time. The C130 was flying at a higher altitude and people in their apartments could not see it because the C130 would have probably been above them at that time.

In order for the projection system to work on a C130, the Projector presumably at the back of the plane would generate the interference component while the pure split laser would be transferred fiber optically to the front of the plane. Both dispersed lasers must be able to be dispersed in a variable manner and directed within a certain steradian range of possible directions, so that the volumetric conical intersections which produce the image can be directed wherever is needed.

Feel free to distribute this in any manner whatsoever to as many people and confused theorists as possible, or to add to it, or fix it. Just give proper credit to Kalki for its original synthesis.

Signature: Problem: corrupted illuminati rulers
Solution: synchronous Worldwide revolution



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